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Client Comments

"I just bought your Big Sur painting. I also have my eye on another one, you have a wonderful feel for the beauty of the bay area." - Ann M.

"I thought your paintings were lovely. I went to yahoo to find about colligaphs but I clicked on something and these lovely paintings came up. I really thought that your paintings were lovely." - Hetal P.

"I moved from Northern California to Utah 3 years ago and when I saw your painting I was completely moved. Be assured that I will treasure it and understand it's value." - Pamela W.

"Painting was better than the ad....AAAA+ and super fast shipping great gal would deal with again" - William S.

"My painting arrived! It is more even more beautiful and vibrant in person than I imagined. I particularly love the bright red roof on the boat house (: Thank you again and we will treasure it." - Ellin P.

"Beautiful California landscapes, including seascapes, vineyards, and mountains." - Micah C.

"I love your work! You really capture California and life in general." - Anastasia P.

"Your work is awe inspiring. We will keep our eyes open to add more to our personal collection and already have a place picked out to hang it! Thank-you for bringing beauty into the world." - Anne M.

"We are very excited to receive your beautiful painting. You are a very talented artist." - Helen C.

"We received your beautiful painting yesterday in perfect condition. We love your artistic ability. Your painting is a wonderful addition to our collection. We will treasure it for many years. Thank you." - Ralph C.

"It was a real pleasure to meet you! I am so in awe of your work, and then you seemed so 'normal' (please forgive me) that I was even more thrilled. I really appreciate you bringing the art to me. That's even better than free shipping." - Sue B.

"Your package for your second encaustic painting arrived safely. Again I am delighted. They are quite unlike anything that we have hanging, which doubles the fun." - Deborah M.



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