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Artist Bio

Kathleen McMahon is a painter that draws inspiration from the Northern California landscape. In some cases, she completes an oil painting on location (plein air) in one to two sessions. Other paintings, based on this direct observation and experience with the landscape, are done entirely in the studio. She paints primarily in oils and works in a style that distills the California landscape to the elements of horizon, geometry, textures, and iconic images. She also works with the media of encaustic wax painting (painting with pigmented hot wax), and occasionally dabbles with other medias such as acrylic, pastel, mixed media and found objects in order to express a particular idea artistically.

Having a strong business background with the Internet, Kathleen participates in many online communities and organizations for professional artists, is founder of (establishing one of the very first art-related websites on the Internet and the largest online community of hot-glass professional artists), and author of the book, "In Search of Arts & Crafts on the Internet", a guide that was used in the early days of the Internet.

She is a former President and member of the San Francisco Women Artists (SFWA), and one of the founding members of the International Encaustic Artists Association (IEA).

For more information on Kathleen check out her Artist Statement.

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