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Encaustic Paintings

The word "encaustic" comes from the Greek word "enkaustikos" which means "to burn in", referring to a process of the combining of hot natural wax with colored pigments to simultaneously paint and sculpt a surface and then fuse the layers together. As a technique that can be applied to just about any medium (I paint on wood for a very solid support), it has been used to create unique multi-dimensional effects in art since the time of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans for use in their elaborate burial tombs, which have survived for centuries. Despite its durability, encaustic art lost favor during the Renaissance due to what was thought to be cumbersome requirements, considering tools they had available at that time. Encaustics has enjoyed a resurgence as a result of modern advances in technology and safety (in heating appliances) as well as its use by more contemporary well-known artists such as Jasper Johns and Diego Rivera. The encaustic beeswax medium, with its organic qualities, is not only beautiful because of its inherent and evocative luster and translucency, but it is one of the most durable of all artists' paints, since wax is impervious to moisture.

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